A Basic Introduction to Breast Forms

Several manufacturers now offer breast prostheses, or specially-designed forms that simulate natural breasts. Commonly called breast forms, the products are most often used by women who have undergone mastectomies in which one or both breasts were removed. In addition to restoring women’s original figures, the forms provide psychological and physical benefits.

Prostheses Are Important to Full Recovery

Forms are made of silicone and designed to replicate the shape and weight of natural breasts. They are so carefully manufactured that it is almost impossible to detect them. That allows women recovering from mastectomies to resume their lives without losing confidence in their looks. That self confidence can play an important part in their overall well being. The forms also provide physical benefits. A woman’s body adapts to the natural weight of her breasts. When that weight is removed, the body typically compensates and the spine can begin to curve. Wearing forms prevents that and keeps the body in balance.

Forms Can Be Customized

Although the typical form is made of silicone, it is not designed like an implant. The silicone is solid and will not leak if the form is punctured. Prostheses are made in a range of shapes and sizes and are created by several manufacturers. As a result, it is simple for women to find ready-made products that match their needs. Some companies even offer custom forms. Mastectomy patients generally wear special pocketed camisoles immediately after surgery and are fitted for their forms once they heal. Their doctors write prescriptions for the forms, which are covered by insurance.

Women Can Wear Forms With Everything

Breast replacement forms are very sturdy and are worn with special bras. Once correctly fitted they do not shift and are not affected by chlorine or salt water, so wearers can swim with them on. Since they have the same shape and weight as natural breasts they can also be worn with any type of clothing. They are typically fitted by experts who ensure that they are undetectable and comfortable. If women lose or gain weight their insurance will generally pay for replacement forms as long as they are doctor prescribed.

After women have mastectomies many choose to wear natural-looking forms that are undetectable from their original breasts. The forms are prescribed by doctors, fitted by experts and can be worn under any type of clothing.