Affordable Scenting for Any Business

Scent marketing is the newest innovation designed to attract customers and clients into physical business locations. More and more people are shopping online for items they want and need. Low pricing and twenty-four convenient access is appealing to those with hectic schedules. Selection is massive, shoppers can make selections in their pajamas at three in the morning, and they rarely have to be concerned with sold out items.

The Appeal of Scents

The sense of smell is absorbed differently than the other four senses. It is processed by the limbic system, which is the same part of the brain that formulates memory, emotions, and perception. People respond immediately to scents. A pleasant scent in the mall, for example, will entice people to stay longer, elevate their moods, and increase their willingness to make purchases.The use of a scenting machine is a subtle way to improve business and increase branding. Customers will remember the store and be more likely to return.

Acquiring this Technology

Patented technology is used to diffuse a variety of scents via oils through machines designed for businesses of all sizes. A small machine, called the AroMini Deluxe, for example, accommodates up to one-thousand square feet of space. This model is portable, quiet, and stylish so it can be used without clashing with the decor.

The largest machine accommodates up to fifteen-thousand square feet and is connected to the ventilation, heating, or cooling systems. Scents are available in many categories that include warm, spicy, floral, luxurious, relaxing, and fresh. This type of marketing is employed by hotels, fitness centers, spas, hospitals, office buildings, and retail stores, among other businesses.


In an effort to offer scent technology to as may business as are interested, there are two options available. An all-inclusive subscription plan includes the machine, and refill scents provided on a monthly basis for one low cost. Not only does it allow small businesses to benefit from scent marketing, it also allows businesses to try out the products before making an investment.

The second option is to purchase a commercial scent machine that is large enough for the size of the business. Oils can be ordered as needed for discounted pricing. Big businesses with more financial resources will want to explore this option to save money in the long-term.