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The Future for HP, Dell, Microsoft and Google. In this current generation, 21st Century, everyone is so attached to their phone, tablet, laptop or IPad. The frequent updates from the Tech giants such as HP, Dell, Microsoft and Google have even made it possible to connect direct to the world by click of a button. There are people or rather experts who spend their time inventing and seeking solutions or advancing the current already sort solutions. One IT company needs another to be able to deliver the best to their customers and make more sales, it’s a world of business and customer delight. They need to be able convince everyone that their products are the best with facts. Dell plans to partner with Microsoft, the giant software, to be able to match with its competitors.In addition, Dell is not doing so well in laptop and desktop industry. The two CEOs are close friends, this will also help to boost their sales for both product, thus expect more smartphones and tablets branded Dell, Microsoft being the software provider. Their product delight users, thus as they walk that road, they need to be strategic to also be able to win the minds of the users, just like other brands have done. However, all these public clouds have their strengths and weaknesses, and they are out to compete and provide their services to the users.Apart from being a cloud platform, Google also provides data-centric solutions for the companies that require it, since there are only three players in the business, Google needs to be strategic and integrated in its offerings, after all, it is the most known.
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HP has been known worldwide for its high tech computer and computer accessories.Prior, HP had ventured into public cloud business but it decided to shut it down and not compete with Microsoft or Google.
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The ultimate thing is that all these companies, their products intersect at some point. They will work tirelessly to ensure the needs of their users are met at all cost, whether it’s through a partnership or strategic alliance, whichever brings out the best results.Tech world will continue to grow.I believe whatever we feel has not yet been tackled, whatever that is on our minds, someone somewhere has thought about it and is trying to incorporate it in one device.Other freelance tech companies rely on these giant companies to go on with their jobs.