New Discoveries Allow For Proper Storage Of Solar Energy

Solar energy has been harnessed for many years, but one of the main issues preventing widespread usage has been storage. Everyone knows there are times the sun does not show its face because it hides behind cloud cover. Over the last few years, much work has been carried out to determine the best means of storing the energy harnessed from the sun. As research progresses, it looks like better storage options will soon be readily available to ensure solar energy is more widely used.

Over the years, it has been discovered batteries are the best storage option for ensuring solar power is available even during periods of heavy cloudiness and rain. A big problem with the batteries that have been used over the years is the expense. Battery banks made of lead acid or lithium-ion batteries are often much too expensive for the average homeowner to be able to afford. This leaves them being forced to use their local power company for energy on days that are cloudy.

There are now many companies who are rising up and carrying out research to determine the best type of battery to use for solar applications. Their goal is to find a battery that is not only efficient but also affordable so the power of the sun becomes more accessible for home and business owners alike.

In 2016, Ohio State published a report that caused great excitement in the solar energy market. Through their research, they were able to combine a solar energy unit with a battery. This single unit takes up less space and would offer greater affordability because it could be purchased in one single unit instead of the battery applications having to be purchased separately. It is hoped Ohio State’s research will now open up the possibilities for even greater research and more, innovative discoveries.

As the market continues to change, it will be interesting to see what happens as further developments occur. Hopefully, the coming years will bring greater changes so solar energy can be harnessed by all, preventing further taxation on the environment. Those interested in this subject will discover more found here.